Dangers Of Botox Are Real, But So Are The Benefits

by Dentox: Botox Training

Botox SyringesMany people don’t think twice about having Botox — one of the deadliest poisons on the globe — injected into their bodies. But the dangers of this poison that also has miraculous effects in some cases are very real.

Botox is a class A substance, according to the Centers For Disease Control, and the substance has long been considered at risk of being used as biological weapon. In fact, the most toxic nerve gas ever devised is called VX, and Botox is proven to be more potent than that.

A working group in 2001 released a statement laying out the dangers of Botox in bioterrorism and how to counter it. The group concluded that both food-born and aerosolized attacks are possible, and that paralysis and other symptoms could take hold of those who are infected within 12 to 72 hours after exposure. The end result is respiratory failure unless treatment with the antitoxin is administered. Still, patients may require the use of ventilator for weeks or even months, straining available resources even in developed areas.

But this muscle poison can also be used judiciously and strategically in small amount to weaken muscles that are involved with facial wrinkling and undesirable actions, like teeth clenching that leads to migraines, for example. And there are many more real and vital uses.

Just as homeopathic medicine focuses on the use of small amounts of poisons to generate health benefits, the use of small amounts of Botox administered property by a well-trained Botox healthcare professional can have dramatic and long-lasting effects with none of the unpleasantness of a full-powered dosage or attack.

While there’s reason to worry about the toxin in Botox being used for ill, there’s no reason for a forward-thinking and intelligent dentist or other health care professional to worry about using Botox in a controlled clinical environment.

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