Scotland Woman Learns Mercury Fillings Caused Her MS Symptoms

Three years ago, 29 year old Maria Indermuhle had significant dental work done, including several silver amalgam fillings.  She says after she had it done, she tasted metal and had trouble tasting food for several weeks.  Her dentist told her that what she was experiencing was normal and nothing to worry about (see our article on how to choose a biological dentist).

Mercury Amalgam FillingA few months later, she began to experience tingling in her legs.  Over time, the tingling gave way to weakness.  She also experienced weakness and loss of feeling in her hands, vision loss, slurred speech, hallucinations, panic attacks and heart palpitations.

It took a year, multiple hospital stays and several doctors visits before she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.  She was told the disease is progressive and incurable.  She was informed that she would be on medication for the rest of her life and would soon be confined to a wheelchair.

She refused to believe that her life was effectively over and soon learned that her symptoms could also be explained by mercury poisoning.  She contacted a doctor who does heavy metal testing and, after a battery of tests, learned that her body was riddled with mercury.

After having her mercury fillings removed and replaced, and following a radical program of detox and chelation, her symptoms disappeared.  Her ‘incurable’ disease was cured.

Ms. Indermuhle had her fillings placed by a dentist with NHS Scotland, and she contacted the NHS when she learned that the mercury had caused her health to deteriorate.  She received a letter expressing sympathy, but the NHS has so far denied any responsibility for the symptoms she suffered.

Mercury fillings have been banned in several European countries, but in many other countries they are considered safe.  NHS Scotland holds the opinion that they are not only safe, but are the preferred filling material for back teeth.  Since 2008, the Scottish Government has spent more than £400,000 to remove thousands of mercury fillings from patients who had bad reactions.

Severe mercury poisoning can lead to organ damage, organ failure, respiratory distress or failure and even death.

Symptoms of mild to moderate mercury poisoning include impairment of senses, uncoordinated movements, muscle tremors and twitching, headaches, weakness, itching, burning, tingling, sweating, rapid heartbeat, skin discoloration, insomnia, and mood swings.  Children with mercury poisoning may also experience red faces, hair loss, loss of nails and even teeth, and light sensitivity.

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