San Diego-developed drug cures Ebola  

by Brighton Dental San Diego

Ebola has been ravaging parts of Africa, and more and more people are waking up to the reality that unless something is done, and soon, then we could have a real epidemic on our hands in Africa. The main trouble is that many doctors and other medical staff from all around the world are travelling to countries in Africa that do not have the hospital structure to support such a wide out-break of a disease like Ebola, and offering their skills on the front line. And this often means that they catch the disease themselves.

Ebola is such a terrifying disease because it currently has no cure. Although we understand how it is spread and how it reproduces, we have not yet managed to create a drug that totally cures it – and this why is can be so very deadly. However, medical research teams based in San Diego have been worked on an experimental serum that enables the body to really fight back against the disease and make a full recovery.

Although their research is still ongoing, it suddenly became imperative to see whether or not the experimental serum really could live up to its expectations, as two United States of America citizens were flown back to the country after contracting the deadly Ebola virus in Liberia. It was imperative that they receive the best possible care, and that is why the San Diego researchers were brought in to administer would could be life-saving treatment.

And save their lives it did. Both Dr. Kant Brantly and Nancy Writebol have made a complete recovery from the disease that usually kills 80% of those that become infected with it. The serum is called ZMapp, and was developed in the San Diego health company Mapp Biopharmaceutical. It is now hoped that others can benefit from this life-saving treatment.

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